Makerspace Challenge: Big Bad Fan VS. the 3 Little Engineers

Grade 4 makers had a special makerspace challenge on Friday. Using only their wits and the scissors, tape, glue and paper found in each bin, they needed to create a ‘wolf proof’ house. The house needed to stand at least 1 meter tall and 20 centimeters wide.
makerspace challenge: the big bad fan vs the 3 little engineersHilarity ensued as teams attempted to plan design and then test their structures against the big bad wolf and his 3 breath settings:

  1. ‘Huff and puff’
  2. Hurricane
  3. What the Heck just happened to my library???

One of the things that I really loved about this makerspace activity (besides my wolf fan) was that the activity was a great way to teach revision and resiliency!

Too many of our kids simply quit or shut down when a task is unsuccessful on the first attempt. But with this task, the expectation is that your first attempt is probably going to get knocked over – and that’s half the fun!

This activity was inspired by:

  1. The fact that I have a giant fan sitting in my library. Up until last Friday I had no idea what to do with it, other than turn it into one of these in order to save money on holiday airfares…
    Early flying machine | Antique Scientific Illustrations
    Early flying machine | Antique Scientific Illustrations








2. I’d seen many other clever makers pull of similar activities using a hair dryer!

This then got me to thinking: “What other stories might make for some good Makerspace-literacy connections?”

Here’s a few ideas that spring to mind:








too tall houses














What books do you think would make for great makerspace activities?