Easy Makerspace Idea #1 Origami Book Marks

Looking to do your first makerspace activity? These simple origami bookmarks by Red Ted Art are a great choice for grades 3 through 7.

The basic folds for these origami bookmarks are simple very simple techniques for students to  master, but what they choose to do with their bookmarks once they’ve completed the folds is where the real creativity happens!

I started this lesson by first showing one example of an origami bookmark – an easy to decorate book mark monster. I then showed them a second bookmark designed to look like a minion. We talked about how the folds for each book mark were the same. I then held up different coloured sheets of paper and asked them ‘What could you create if the paper was Pink? Green? Red? What are some of the different ways you could decorate it?

I asked them to generate ideas that they might be able to turn these book marks into.

I stressed to students that it was ok to make mistakes. I explained that my second attempt at origami bookmarks was much better than my first, and that my third attempt was much better than my second. We talked about how the power of revision and repeated attempts helped me to improve my final creation.

I then stood back and let them work. They were totally hooked and this is just a small sample of what they came up with:


A few days later I was seeing these origami bookmarks appear in other grades and classrooms. Students had been teaching other students. My paper bookmarks had gone viral in the school!

This simple makerspace activity could be a great launching point for a makerspace origami unit where students select their own origami projects and make amazing paper creations.

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think!

PS. Please be sure to check out Red Ted Art. They have some wonderful project ideas and well explained tutorials. You might also want to check out the Red Ted Art book.

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